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I'm afraid my conception of the 'path' we travel after Urantia is very muddled.

Could someone give me an outline?

The Path Travelled
Painting by Susan Sedon Boulet
Here's a quickie outline:

After Urantia, After Urantia we resurrect on one of the mansion worlds. There are seven mansion worlds that encircle the Finaliter World, and that is one of seven transition worlds encircling Jerusem, the capital of our system of Satania. After we progress through the seven mansion worlds we go to Jerusem for more study. Most people fuse with their Thought Adjusters by around the fifth mansion world.

Upon graduation from Jerusem, we move on to the constellation worlds. Edentia is the capital of our constellation of Norlatiadek. Edentia is surrounded by 70 major spheres with ten satellite worlds revolving around each of them. We pass through all 771 worlds (including sojourning on Edentia) in our constellation training and socialization.

From Edentia graduation we move on to the universe training spheres. Salvington, the capital of our universe of Nebadon, is surrounded by ten university clusters of 49 spheres each, for a grand total (including Salvington) of 491 worlds. Upon traversing these and graduating from Salvington, we finally finish the morontia life and are now ready to embark upon the adventure of spirit status on the worlds of the superuniverse.

Uminor the Third is the capital of Ensa, our minor sector. It is surrounded by seven spheres and we study on all of them, including the capital.

Umajor the Fifth is the capital of Splandon, our major sector. It is surrounded by 70 spheres. On these 71 worlds we gain advancing intellectual training of the superuniverses.

Nortlatiadek Uversa, the capital of our superuniverse of Orvonton, is surrounded by seven higher universities and each of these consists of 70 specialized worlds. We receive advanced spiritual training on all 491 of these worlds.


We lose consciousness one last time in order to travel to the shores of Havona. Havona is eternal, and is made up of one billion worlds which surround the Isle of Paradise. We traverse all of them.

Between the billion Havona worlds and Paradise there are three different rings of orbiting worlds: the worlds of the Infinite Spirit; those of the Eternal Son; and the worlds of the Universal Father. We pass through some of these worlds as well, although not all of them are open to us ("never attempt a landing on the shores of Divinington").

Finally we become Paradise citizens. Our "home" is Ascendington, which is one of the Father worlds encircling Paradise.

After Paradise we go back into the superuniverses to serve, until the entire grand universe (all seven superuniverses) reach perfection -- Light and Life.

They speculate there will be a rest (Rick Warren speculates there will be a huge party :-) and then we all head out to the first outer space level which is beyond the grand universe and into the Master Universe. But the Master Universe adventure transcends time and space, so there's not much we can say about it at this time. There are four outer space levels (currently) and all of them will also have the grand adventure of attaining transcendant perfection. We will be involved with that, but it's beyond our finite minds to imagine how.

There's even something that comes after the Master Universe. It would be the age of the Absolute, but it is so far beyond even the minds of the authors of The Urantia Book that they can't tell us much about it.

"Only infinity can disclose the Father-Infinite."  page 117




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