welcomes the
Mexico Urantia Association


Dear friends,

Hereby I would like to share with you all that on

April 4-5
Mexico Urantia Association
will celebrate its
second anniversary.

It will inaugurate a new board and it will be hosting the
Second National Conference in Mexico City.


We cordially invite all readers that wish to attend. The subject of the Conference will be
"The Manifestation of God to Men, and the Manifestation of Men to God".

On Sunday, this second aspect will be explored by different participants from the audience. That same afternoon, the members of the new board will be introduced, and they will present their plans for the coming year and the new MUA Newsletter.

These two last years have been very fruitful for many goals were achieved. At this moment MUA has 35 members and 22 friends, plus we serve a community of more than 200 readers. MUA developed two important means of communication, a national internet list and a quarterly newsletter, which allow the entire community to be in contact. There are study groups in Mexico City and in several main cities.

MUA has also created the web page www.urantia-mexico.org which hopefully will help to serve the Spanish speaking public who are in search of our dear book and its truths. We hope that the page will continue to grow and offer more materials to support the study and comprehension of the book. There are interesting works in English and French that we want to translate, we hope to do it little by little... In order to listen to the feedback, the page has been launched eventhough I am still making corrections. Any commentary can be sent to comentarios@urantia-mexico.org

MUA now has new addresses which I hope will soon appear in the UF and IUA web pages. Those of you who have a page with reference to MUA, please note the changes of addresses which appear at the end of this message. I ask you to please delete my personal address and place the new ones.

Best regards,

New e-mail addresses

Mexico Urantia Association

UF Mexico Representation
Mary Tere Ortega
President, México


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