Study Groups
October, 2003

Study Group News Update
October, 2003

Both upper IUA levels are adding Study Group offices.
The following exchange is between the President of the IUA and the President of the US national. It was posted last week.


Distinguished Members of the Council,

After the meeting of the IUA service board in Nashville, all board members have voted unanimously to the creation of a Study group committee. This will be a new, full-fledged committee having voting power on the IUA board. We felt the need to have such a committee in order to fulfil more adequately the mission of the IUA. The amount of work involved in the education committee did not permit full attention to this important aspect of our mission.

We also would like to nominate a person that would fulfil very well the position of Chair to that committee, his name is Rick Lyon from USA. Rick is a full member of IUA and was active in the IUA as vice-president of GLMUA. Rick's dedication to study groups makes him a very good candidate for this position.

We will proceed with an open discussion about this proposal and possible new nominations for the Chair of the study group committee. The open discussion will last till the 22 of October after which date, I will announce a voting period.

Gaetan Charland


Dear Presidents and Vice Presidents,

I think this is an excellent proposal. We should have a committee to work internationally as a support for study groups. Our IUA website should have a section devoted to study aids and suggestions for how to start a study group. Rick Lyon is an excellent choice to head this effort. I met him recently in Nashville and was impressed with his dedication and ability.

The committee does need to be international to help adapt the study group idea to cultural norms around the world. Urantia Association of the United States did vote at its June 19, 2003 business meeting to establish a national group to encourage and assist study group formation and quality with our country. At this point, the Governing Board has not yet named those to serve on this group; but I can certainly see our national committee interfacing cooperatively with the international group.

One local association in the United States, Urantia Association of the Great Plains, has adopted a project to develop a video/digital program about study groups around the world. The head of that project is Hoite Caston. He has asked for study groups to film a study session in digital format and send that to him so that eventually an informational piece about study groups can be produced to give new and existing study groups an idea of how different people around the world study this revelation. This project was proposed and adopted several years ago and with encouragement might be one method of accomplishing these goals.

Lee Armstrong
President, UAUS


Take care,
Rick Warren
IUA Outreach Committee


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