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Published by the Lone Star IUA for its members

March, 2003 --------------------------------------Volume 11 Number 1

Dear Texas Members,

On March 1, 2003, the new IUA was launched on the open waters of Brotherhood with the wind of new IUA Charter in its sails. A copy can be found at International Urantia Association Charter and Bylaws Please scan it when you can, it is our founding document, albeit provisional. If it serves us well, in two years it will be amended, if need be, and then adopted. The new Bylaws will be published soon, too.

The local association Presidents and Vice Presidents are required to inform the membership about who they voted for on the national level. Suzanne and I voted for Lee Armstrong of Virginia as President of the UAUS and David Linthicum of Oklahoma as Treasurer. These were the only offices due for an election this year. They are both dedicated, energetic and service minded people. They ran unopposed.

I am very pleased to announce that Professor Lawrence Schkade, a.k.a. Scottie, has expressed an interest in having his study group affiliated with the LSIUA. He is a long time reader, teacher and one deeply involved in community services such as the organ donor awareness program. I hope to be hearing more from his group. A copy is being sent to him of this document. He resides in Arlington, Texas.

Love to all,
Rick Warren



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