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Spring, 2005 --------------------------------------Volume 13 Number 1


Sent: March, 2005
Subject: New Officers


Greetings Lone Star Members,

Terms of office are two years in the Lone Star Association. In mid April it will have been two years since our last election. And since we have no face to face meeting planned for this April we will conduct this year's election via email and phone. I'll contact each of you soon and get your nominations, opinions and votes unless I hear from you first.

All four elective offices, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, are open to you or your nominees, and the other three incumbents have informed me they are ready to step down. Please let me know if you are interested in running for one of these offices, or want to nominate another member. We have several new members, all of you are encouraged to take on IUA's mission of service, "To foster study of The Urantia Book and to disseminate its teachings". And to use LSIUA to develop your personal leadership and teaching style.

My term is up and I will not be running for Local office either in order to focus all my IUA energy on the Dissemination Committee at the international level.

A final report on LSIUA's status is below.

Please feel free to write or call me about the election or any LSIUA business.

Much love,
817 246 0882



Dear LSIUA Members,

It has been a real pleasure and an education to serve as President of LSIUA. Appreciate very much the opportunity as well as the sincere and thoughtful teamwork. I feel like we are doing some good in this mixed up world. May LSIUA continue to be an instrument of dissemination for the revelation.

The following is the state of the Association and a final report.

  • The Association spent our 2004-5 dues on our obligation to the National ($75), on the Chinese translation ($60), on the Prison Book placement project ($70), and on the Portuguese printing fund ($100).
  • We picked up seven new members over the past two years and hosted a regional conference thanks to your encouragement and unrelenting support.
  • We voted to Adopt-a-Translation making a $1000 pledge to the Foundation's Chinese translation fund. $940 remains on our pledge.

For the future, there is talk of hosting the National Conference in 2007, more on that soon from Suzanne. And there was also talk of having a face to face meeting of the Lone Star Association in October, 2005. Hope you will all show up for that since we have so many new members.

... but I will leave those plans to the incoming governing board.

Much love,


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