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March, 1997

RSVP by April 10, 1997

From the desk of Bryan Snowden . . .

Yes, the meeting is to be

Saturday, April 19th, 1997 begins at 10 AM.

We will hope for nice weather and beautiful wildflowers to grace our meeting to renew friendships and make new acquaintances of those to come. The business agenda is of a very minor nature and will be handled in as painless a way as possible.
I do not have accomodations available as we did two years ago, so I will try to get together a photocopy of Bed & Breakfasts and motels available so each can do for himself. A map of how to get here will be in the mail to you.

Start at the Junction of Hwy 290 and Hwy 87
Travel 12.5 miles to Old Harper Hwy
On Old Harper Hwy travel 4.5 miles to Maner Road
Maner Road has a second sign on it which also reads Precinct 2 Road
Travel 4.5 miles down Maner or
If you are counting cattleguards . . . cross 7 cattleguards
Then look up to the left and you will see Bryan's House
Turn left on the gravel paved road
Cross the creek and turn to the left again
You are now at Bryan & Janean's place

Bryan Snowden
HC 64, Box 433
Harper, TX 78631
Telephone number is listed in Doss, TX
Phone: 210-669-2539
Fax: 210-669-2539
Email: BTS@.net

Bryan's Report from the Chicago Weekend
March 14 thru March 16, 1997

Fellow Soldiers of the Circles,

Having just returned form Chicago and a very pleasant and exciting meeting with about 100 very enthusiastic students from all over the country, I can report to you that the Russian translation is now being sold in Russia. How do I know? I saw together with our colleagues a rough video work-in-progress showing the first copies being delivered by a group from the Foundation including trustees Tom Burns and Georges Dupont. This 22 minute video will be completed I am promised in time for us to have a copy for our April 19, 1997 get together here at Harmony Hill. (Unless there is some unforeseen hitch, it will be available.)

This is a very exciting time in the young history of this revelation. The excitement and enthusiasm in Chicago was so great. It is very difficult to describe. Seppo Kanerva our brilliant Chairman of the Translation Committee reported to us that 18 translations are in progress in one form or another. The Dutch translation is ready for print. We can all be proud of the Foundations tremendous effort to meet their trust obligation of making this revelation available to all of the Peoples of the World.

Speaking of the Foundations efforts the entire thrust of our two day meeting in Chicago was clearly a call from the Foundation Leadership asking for input on what the readership wants them to be doing and no holds were barred in frank discussions in group meetings.

This writer had the privilege and responsibility of facilitating a group that included two former Forum members. Kenton Stevens and Mary Lou Hale were very helpful, pointed and informative, critical, and above all, knowledgeable regarding what has happened and what they would like to see happen. To say these meetings were lively is the understatement of the year. Yes, all fellowship directors and governing bodies were invited and there were some in attendance. John Hale who works in the Fellowship office and Mo and Jennifer Siegal are two who I visited with at the meeting. It was the most positive call for a united effort by all students to heed the Master's words, "The harvest is plenteous, but the workers few," that I have witnessed in the last few years.

Tonia Baney our hard working executive Director announced to one and all,

The Train has pulled out Soldiers.
WE are on our way to be about our Fatherís work.
Letís all get aboard.

While there is only a small amount of business to transact at our meeting here on April 19th, I promise to feed well that day and will do my best to have the video here for viewing on the translations.

MEETING TIME: 10:00 AM till ?????

We need RSVP by April 10 to know how to prepare our meal for Saturday afternoon. Please respond to above.
Bryan Snowden

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