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MARCH, 1998



Fellow Soldiers of the Circles,

Where to begin?? When there is so much going on these days!!

Letís begin by concentrating on our own Lone Star IUA. Jannean and I are going to have a picnic here at our place on Saturday, April 18. That is the third Saturday of April. This will be the Saturday after Easter. Things are busy in this part of the country during this part of the year. This year should be a magnificent year for bluebonnets.

We will have a short business meeting to conduct the necessary business at 3:00 PM. We will eat around 5:00 PM. You are welcome to show up anytime you please. We will have the picnic outdoors if the weather permits, and if not, we will gather in our barn. We hope those of you that can, will come EARLY in the day and spend the day with us. We have enclosed a list of motels in Fredericksburg and a list of Bed & Breakfast referral services. We have listed those Bed & Breakfast accommodations that are close by. None of the Bed & Breakfast accommodations are cheap!!, because this a very tourist-oriented area. If you plan to spend the night any of the days you will be here, you need to make a reservation NOW. This town fills up fast during the spring time of year.

For those of you who are interested, we have one queen size bed in our Barn Room guest house, and a sofa, roll-a-way bed, and a recliner in our barn. There is one bathroom to accommodate all in the guest house. If any of you want to, you are also welcome to camp out in our barn. Bedrolls and cots would work great. We do not encourage, and frankly, just cannot allow, any camping out doors. The fire ants are horrible! and we could never poison an area large enough to make it safe for anyone to "toss a tent" in the pasture. If you are interested in staying in our barn, knowing you might be sharing that accommodation, let us know. We would love to have as many as can safely stay in that area. The accommendation will be on a first-come-first-served basis. As in whoever CALLS US FIRST.

because we need to know how many of you plan to be here
HC 64 Box 433
Harper, TX 78631
Phone 830-669-2539
Email bts@hctc.net


We will provide the meal. We plan for some kind of grilled meat course and two or three vegetables and a dessert. Of course, you are welcome to bring anything you like, but traveling as you will be, it may be difficult to bring a side dish. We will have basic drinks, but if you want something special, you are on your own!! We arenít very creative vegetarians, but will certainly have food that works for those of you who prefer vegetarian fare.

Hopefully, our Lone Star IUA group will be joined by others from around the country. Many, including the newly formed Oklahoma IUA group are being invited.

Finally we look forward to seeing you all here at Harmony Hill on the third Saturday in April for our picnic.

Much love,
Bryan Snowden


On the National Scene

By the time you receive this newsletter, you will no doubt all know that our two trustee vacancies have been filled and the two new trustees are former Fellowship officers namely:

Gard Jameson
formerly Chair of the Fraternal Relations Committee of the Fellowship and a member of the General Council. Gard has been a student of The Urantia Book for 26 years.
Mo Siegel
formerly Vice President of the Fellowship. He is President of the Jesusonian Foundation. Mo has been a student of The Urantia Book for 20 years.

Both will apply for membership in the International Urantia Association and resign their executive positions in the Fellowship.

As is the case with the interpretation of the teachings of The Urantia Book, each of us needs to find the interpretation that works best for each of us.

There is a real purpose in the socialization of religion. It is the purpose of group religious activities to dramatize the loyalties of religion; to magnify the lures of truth, beauty, and goodness; to foster the attractions of supreme values; to enhance the service of unselfish fellowship; to glorify the potentials of family life; to promote religious education; to provide wise counsel and spiritual guidance, and to encourage group worship. And all live religions encourage human friendship, conserve morality, promote neighborhood welfare, and facilitate the spread of the essential gospel of their respective messages of eternal salvation. (1092)

This will be the challenge for the new Board makeup. As we, each make our decisions on an individual basis, we need to decide how best to take steps towards bringing unity (not uniformity) to all Urantia students worldwide. Much has been said about unity and possibly, now, these words may be nearing fruition.



Coordinating committee members have been reappointed and it has fallen upon me to coordinate a committee on Public Relations -- an area in which I have little training or experience, but I will do my best. Travis Binion of Nashville, Tennessee was chosen to chair the Committee and Cathy Jones was chosen as Assistant Chair. There is a lot of work to be done and shortage of workers. Seems always to be the case.


On the International Scene

Where?? Helsinki, Finland
When?? August 7 to 10, 1998

The International Convention will be held in Helsinki, Finland, the first week in August. Details are available from

Urantia Foundation
533 Diversey Parkway
Chicago, IL 60614

phone (773) 525-3319

The above address also has details about the National Convention to be held at Glen Ivy, in Corona, California this July, 1998.



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