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October, 2002

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Welcome readers in Texas!

Published by the Lone Star IUA for its members

October, 2002 --------------------------------------Volume 10 Number 1


The past year has gone by so fast for many Lone Star IUA members. Our annual meeting was pre-empted by the tragedy of the trade centers on September 11, 2001 - one week prior to our annual meeting.

Also, those lovely ladies, Isidore and Lilli visited many on the Gulf Coast and kept businesses and people guessing just where they would land!

On another note, the copyright of The Urantia Book is under attack again, which has placed a giant wedge between Fellowship and LSIUA members.

As always, ALL constructive ideas are welcome to The Lone Star Light, as well as, pictures, poems, etc.

This is a bare bones newsletter to get things moving again!

Mary Michael



Greetings Lone Star IUA Members,

Bruce Brown, our President, and I had a long talk the other night. He is overwhelmed with parental and business obligations, so he asked me to assume his duties for the time being.

Suzanne Kelly-Ward, our Vice President approved the move as did Mary Michael, Editor. If you object to this, please contact me and your concerns or suggestions will be given the sincerest consideration. Proper elections will be held when we next meet. If any members are interested in being nominated for president, vice president or secretary/treasurer, please let me know.

The Lone Star IUA has been in virtual hibernation for over a year now, but the IUA as a whole is progressing nicely. In its short history, there have emerged 25 national and 14 international associations with over 1,100 members world wide. And a new charter and bylaws are about to be introduced. This will set the stage for a more autonomous role and signal a new direction for our fraternal service organization as a whole.

While at Urantia Foundation recently, I had a chance to look at the contact and referral list of Texas readers.

It is VAST.
There is now a unique opening to unite the many readers who are interested in fraternal contact, if we act soon to bring them all together.

If there are no objections I will ask the Foundation to mail, to all area contacts, an announcement for a meeting of our Lone Star IUA next spring in Houston as soon as we can set a date. At that time we can unveil the new charter, explain its implications, and conduct regular business.

There is much that we can discuss and plan with regard to dissemination in Texas, such as:
  1. Book placement in University Libraries. David Jaggers has shown interest in this project, but it will take more than one person.
  2. Encouraging Study Group formation through contact with the many new readers. As well as supplying Study Group hosts with aids and visuals purchased with our unused treasury money.
  3. Investigating the possibility of a prison ministry, like the Oregon Association has already begun.
  4. Contributing to the Lone Star Light newsletters and our website.
  5. Planning local and regional conferences.
  6. Fostering money raising projects for translations.
  7. Liaison with other Associations, national and international.

Any ideas or plans you have will be considered as well.

Please feel free to call me. The best time is in the evening, if not here, then leave a message and I WILL return your call.

Love to all,

Rick Warren
817 246 0882




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