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October, 1997


Greetings Fellow Soldiers,

It is time for our Fall Edition and there are so many things to talk about it is hard to know where to start. But here goes . . .


The copyright legal snafu seems to have been settled in favor of the Foundation as you all know. Perhaps more attention can now focus on the matter of being about the Father’s Business. Some good will come from it, unless I miss my guess.

"Diversity breed progress," someone once said.


The U.S.U.A. sponsored a conference at Glen Ivy Resort in California and Jannean and I attended. It was great. Suzanne Kelly-Ward was on the Program.

1998 International Conference
Where?? Helsinki, Finland
When?? August 7 to 10, 1998

Finland will host the first conference outside of the USA and what an appropriate place indeed! The readership in Finland is spectacular! Our Finnish brothers and sisters are trying to get a handle on how many people will be attending. Jannean and I plan to go, with some European touring thrown in. Tom Burns, Trustee for the Foundation, is trying to work out a cost effective group package plan. More information on this event as we get it.

U.S.U.A. plans another conference at Glen Ivy in Southern California in June, 1998. Although I have not yet seen any details. More information on this event as we get it.

Real progress is being made by Executive Director Tonia Baney and here staff to finalize an overall Blueprint for Progress with a comprehensive plan for the coming explosion in readership to be handled properly. How do I know that?? Two recent trips to Chicago to help formulate that plan gives insight. It is very gratifying work. Results are coming!

Speaking of explosion of readership . . . worldwide introduction to The Urantia Book is moving at an unbelievable clip. The Spanish version is being absorbed very rapidly. Further growth in the IUA is bursting at the seams with new chapters springing up all over. Three in Canada; one in Peru; one in Columbia; and three more will soon come into the fold in the USA -- Kentucky, Upstate New York, and Ohio . . . . And we are busy in Oklahoma. Hey Guys! Anyone who thinks people are not hungry for the truth just "ain’t" been out there amongst ‘em.


WOW!! The number of translations in progress boggles the mind. Seppo Kanerva who is the chief translator says, "something over 15 are in either ‘actual’ or ‘discussion’ stages." The mandate translate into the major languages of the world is certainly being worked upon.


What about our own little LoneStar IUA?? Are we growing?? NO!!! What can we do to better serve our members and thus create more interest in our little group??? YOU guys tell me what we need to be doing.

Speaking of our group . . . It is time for you all to sow and pay your dues. When we receive your $10.00 annual dues we will issue a membership card to you.
Send checks to:

LoneStar IUA
c/o Bryan Snowden
P. O. Box 285
Fredricksburg, TX 78624
We need your support and we in turn will support the U.S.U.A. and the Foundation.


We need to be planning our own annual meeting for next year. While I do not want to monopolize things, we can certainly have it here at Harmony Hill should that be your desire. What we need is input from you guys out there! Last year we had it in the third week in April. The flowers peak here in the Texas Hill Country during mid-April. We are open on this. When you send in your dues drop a little (or big) note and give us your reading on where to have the annual meeting.


Rick Warren has been the subject of a lot of discussion at 533 Diversy Parkway and literally around the world due to the outstanding work he has done in library placement and his technique for successful placement will soon show up in a lot of other places. Great Work!


We will be appointing a nominating committee soon to select a slate of officers to propose to you at that meeting.

What we need now is to hear from each and every one of you individually.

What can we do to be of service to you???

Please take the time to drop me a note along with your dues and you will get a response from me. My goal is to meet those of you in person who I have not met and to have felllowship with all of you in the not too distant future. Our readership is growing and the good news is being spread tothe ends of Urantia!
Jesus said:

But I declare to you that my Father in Paradise does rule a universe of universes by the compelling power of his love. Love is the greatest of all spirit realities. Truth is liberating revelation, but Love is the supreme relationship.

Love to each of you in whatever quantity you can handle,
Bryan Snowden

Welcome to new members!


Please email or send your opinions, ideas, comments, insights, book quotes, anything and everything for publication. Input is always welcome! Even pictures -- gif or jpg formats, please.

Your Editor On-line,
Mary J. Michael

More posts as soon as they cross the editor's desk . . . . .


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