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October, 1998

August 21, 1998


Dear Fellow Soldiers of the Circles,

According to our revelation, today marks the birth of Joshua Ben Joseph. What a blessed event for all humanity, and, we are told, for many onlookers in the universe.

Where to begin? Let me begin at the end or our most recent experience and work forward. For any who have not attended a large conference of Urantia Book students held over several days, let met tell you that separating from those with whom you have shared fellowship is very hard. The days we spent with brothers and sisters from 15 countries scattered around the world was an eye-opening, mind-expanding experience. Speaking from my own perspective, let me assure you that this revelation is for the entire planet! We Americans (maybe me) do not yet fully comprehend the world-wide hunger for truth, beauty, and goodness. The need to make this revelation available to all the peoples of the world in their language is paramount. The Foundation is committed to that task and we, as supporters, must work harder to supply the wherewithal to see it done.


The International Scene

Now about the Helsinki Conference from which Jannean and I just returned. The conference was an exact reflection of the Finnish organization and of my hero -- Seppo Kenerva. This man never ceases to astound me, and from some of the conversations around me, he affects many others the same way.

The facility was beyond description -- all in house, under one roof. The meals were superb, to say the least. The programs were wonderful with both an English version and the native language displayed on a huge screen behind the speaker.

There was serious study, some humor, music, and lots of fellowship. We may have a lot of conferences in the years to come, and some may reach the level of organization and smooth running experienced there, but I doubt any will surpass it. Hats off to the Finish IUA and all of the people who worked so hard in preparation. You can always tell when everything falls into place with no hitches, that an awful lot of work beforehand caused that smooth flow. Words alone cannot describe the nice job done.


From the bottom of our hearts
we thank you ladies and gentlemen, sisters and brothers of Finland!


Balloting Back Home

We are back home, almost over jet lag and internal clock problems (after three weeks in Scotland and Finland), and now face the problems we had left un*finish*ed. The Finnish group made me more painfully aware of what a poor job I have done in tending to the business of our own Lone Star IUA. For starters, at our annual meeting in April at our place, we did not have a quorum and we were unable to act on the slate of officers presented by the appointed committee. This means we must now ballot by mail, and judging from past experience, that may prove difficult. A ballot with the slate of officers proposed by the committee, is enclosed with this newsletter. Please mark your choice and send it to Rick Warren in the enclosed envelope.

Two of your officers, Suzanne Kelly-Ward and yours truly, serve on the IUA Coordinating Committee and chair other committees. While it is impossible to be sure your views are represented we do welcome any and all comments from our group.


Dues Dilemma

To those of you who sent checks to pay your dues which ended up never being deposited, I apologize. I have an excuse, however lame it may be. I thought we were going to have a new treasurer and then, they would be put into an account more accessible to the new officer. It did not happen, so I can return them to you or deposit them at this late date. Your choice. I would really appreciate if someone else could take on this job. We need to spread involvement around.


Annual Meeting 1999??

Is it too soon to begin to plan for next yearís annual meeting? Based on the turnout for this meeting, I think not. Letís have some input from you guys. Jannean and I offer to host it here or we will travel to whatever site you select.

Finally, I am out of news and views other than to say that the unity effort initiated by the Foundation has created areas of cooperation. Their courage to travel to various parts of the country and hold town meetings to answer any and all questions has been beneficial. Suzanne and I were able to attend the Boulder, Colorado, meeting and it was a lulu! Mo and Jennifer Siegel were gracious as always, and we came away impressed with the sincerity of that family to the unity work.


Speaking of work, in closing let me quote,

The harvest is plenteous, but the workers are few.

So said the Master, and who can deny this truth? Let us march forward together doing His work.


Much love,
Bryan Snowden
HC 64
Box 433
Harper, TX 78631


Carrying the Light

Shellie Lyon

When I was introduced to The Urantia Book in the early Ď70s, I wasnít sure what it really was, but I knew it was something important. I become a member of the First Urantia Society of Houston, and I participated in their weekly study group. When life changes made attending that group impossible, I let the book sit on my bedside table and gather dust. That period of doubt and disinterest went on for a number of years. One day, I picked it up and started reading it again. Iíve been studying it ever since.

Over the years, Iíve tried to share the book with lots of people and met with very little success. Iím a Methodist, and Iíve put "The Revelation" in the hands of some of my favorite young ministers. There were polite, but not willing to crack the cover.

"Thatís okay," I said, "Sometime, somewhere, you will be introduced to this book again. You will know the truth and it will set you free. And Iíll be looking down from heaven wagging my finger and saying, ĎI told you so.í "

It isnít easy to be a light carrier. Sometimes, you get burned. Sometimes, your enthusiasm falters and the light flickers. Sometimes, you feel like you are alone in the desert, holding a candle.

Good news!
There are others in the desert with candles, and they are heading our way.

Thatís the message I hear from Bryan, Suzanne, Bruce, Rick -- all those who have attended the national and international IUA conferences. Godís will is afoot. The Fifth Epochal Revelation is spreading across the world. We are not alone.

For an impatient person like me to see so much progress being made in such a short time -- five decades -- is very reassuring. If Iíve leaned nothing else from The Urantia Book, Iíve learned this: Godís timing is perfect. We need only to have faith and wait for His will to be revealed.

What can we do in the meantime? We can help out on many different levels. For instance, not all of us can travel to the conferences, but we can attend meetings here in Texas. Our Lone Star IUA needs more participation, in every way, from its members, so we can help locally.

On the national and world level, the Urantia Foundation is trying to prepare for the inevitable questions (and media hoopla) that will come when the general public becomes aware of The Urantia Book. They are soliciting any and all questions from readers. Nothing is too off the wall. Bryan Snowden is involved with that project, and he will forward your lists to the Foundation.

Lastly, on the universe level, we can pray for the Foundation, its trustees and all those who are safeguarding the dissemination of the Revelation.

If you would like to catch a feeling for some of the excitement thatís going around now, Iíll send you our video tape about the translation efforts. I also have The Urantia Book Audio Tapes. Several people are using them. To borrow some tapes please contact me Shellie Lyon

Rt. 3
Box L-369
Franklin, TX 77856


These are exciting times. How fortunate we are a part of the Revelation Generation. And the best part about carrying the light is that it shines on us too.

Shellie Lyon


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