Painting by Susan Sedon Boulet

Painting by Susan Sedon Boulet



I'm an Earthboy from Urantia,
this planet is my home,

and the open range of the Universe
is where I'm going to roam.

Mother Earth is my base camp,
it's just going to be a short stay,

even if I live to a ripe old age
I'll soon be on my way.

I'm searching for my Father.
I simply want to do right.

My face is turned toward the heavens,
my soul reaches out for the light.

My roots are in the soil of Urantia,
Mother Earth has born a son.

Divine spirits sent down their blessings,
an eternal adventure has begun

I love my temporal living,
but some day I will die.

My body will return to Mother Earth,
and my spirit will soar to the sky.

Today the dusty trails of our homeland,
we don't have much time to kill,

for tomorrow we'll travel the stardust trails,
and be living the Father's will.


Bert Cobb


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