Jesus was a working man,
He labored with His rustic tools all day.

He packed his lunch and stayed on the job,
putting in long hours for his pay.

He walked to work early each morning,
He didn't drive a fancy pick-up truck,

He might have hitched a ride on a camel or an ass,
if He had just a little bit of luck.

He didn't own a cellular phone,
and He wasn't on the Internet,

ALT="Painting But He was the best communicator there ever was,
and that's a pretty sure bet.

He could have been a priest or a businessman,
or a wealthy Jerusalem tycoon,

But he chose to live the simple life,
and He slept on the ground beneath the moon.

He struggled with the animals on his uncle's farm,
and He was a carpenter, and he could make a tent.

He became skilled at the trades of men,
to buy groceries and pay the rent.

He fished on the Lake in an open boat,
all day in the wind and the sun,

Then talked to the Father out under the stars,
when His working day was done.


So sometimes if it seems like you can't get ahead,
though you're trying as hard as you can,

Remember that life is but a day's work,
and Jesus was a working man.


Bert Cobb

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