Painting by Susan Sedon Boulet
Painting by Susan Sedon Boulet



Today I am high at a mountain lake,
amid the beauty and the solitude.
I've came here alone with a horse and a mule,
enjoying a worshipful attitude.

I awoke several times in the still of the night,
and gazed into the Universe shining so bright.
As I studied the magnitude of the Milky Way I wanted to pray...but...found nothing to say.
I woke up this morning just about dawn,
two deer were drinking, each one had a fawn.

Cosmic reflections I saw in the water,
as I sat there on the shore,
and I felt like trying to talk to the Father once more.

As I searched the depths of my wandering mind,
an intelligent comment unable to find...
I remembered a spiritual teaching,
high up in that alpine bowl,
"the words aren't really important,
it's the attitude of your soul"


Bert Cobb


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